Acting on behalf of the National Research and Development Center, Safe Energy Foundation has developed a framework for national funding program for research and development projects, dedicated to companies operating in the area of ​​distributed energy (feasibility study).

The establishment of sectoral program is the ability to provide new funding mechanism dedicated entrepreneurs with distributed energy sector. The aim of such a program will be to strengthen research and development activities calculated to develop innovative technology solutions for national companies.

To create the program, it was necessary to demonstrate the potential of domestic enterprises, who are holders of commitment and successes at the level of the sector. For this purpose, the Foundation conducted a diagnosis among subjects, focusing on distributed energy circle. Comprehensive analysis of this market in Poland, was aimed at defining the possibilities and the most promising research areas of the sector in the coming years.

Develop a thorough analysis of directional development of the sector in Poland, has a chance to contribute to raise significant funds for R & D projects for the coming years. The beneficiaries of the funds from the new financial horizon for the years 2014- 2020, domestic entrepreneurs are interested in participation in the competition procedure for selecting requests for funding for innovative projects.

Examples of previously implemented programs, sectoral programs: INNOLOT (allocation of 500 million zł) and INNOMED (allocation of 300 million zł).

The authenticated letter

How we perceive the sector?

Distributed energy sector consists of entities involved in the development and dissemination of local sources of energy and technologies and systems supporting them.

Energy dissipated meets two of the three pillars of energy policy today: proecologic and security of energy supply.

Due to the fact that the majority of distributed technologies based on renewable or low-carbon technologies, distributed energy is the most environmentally friendly option for generating electricity.

At the same time the source of decentralized allow for increasing security of energy supply, since they rely on local resources and reduce consumer dependence from the central grid.

The third dimension of energy policy is economic efficiency, which is also the biggest challenge in the development of distributed energy. Many of the technologies of the sector is at an early level of technological maturity, and their full potential has not yet been discovered. Yet another of them need improvement.

The situation in which the sector is justified to establish a program to support industrial research and development work, which will release the existing potential market and technological distributed energy and build a new, distinctive against the background of international quality domestic energy sector.

Distributed Energy has a chance to become an innovation breakthrough and the beginning of a radical change in approach to energy generation.